the blue & white room at roger’s gardens

Did you know that Roger’s Garden has a whole room devoted to blue and white décor? Oftentimes we’re drawn to the outdoor allure of Roger’s, which is understandable, but many of their indoor rooms are quite beautiful.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite blue and white accessories in the “Blue Room”. So much of it is chinoiserie inspired, isn’t it?

And speaking of chinoiserie , look at this amazing daybed in the next room over. And at the top, would you expect a giant crown? Probably not!

Outside, sunflowers are already making their debut, and you can see that fabulous greenhouse in the distance.

Artichoke season is peaking and these beauties are on sale!

Rosemary, sage and thyme.

And I’m always ready to plant some fresh herbs . These pretty ones in galvanized buckets make wonderful gifts.

Ciao! Fabiana


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P.S. I?M on a mini-summer season holiday for August, so that you?Ll be analyzing condensed variations of summer time-inspired weblog posts this month.

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